Keynote Speakers

Becca Switzer
Roof Sales Mastery and Author of “Diamonds in the Sky”

Becca Switzer began her sales career at the young age of 19 after dropping out of college to pursue Cutco Cutlery sales, being the first $12,000 Fast Starter in her region and going on to sell over six figures in Cutco two years in a row, earning her the Sir Lancelot Award and winning multiple push contests.Her performance caught the eye of storm restoration recruiters and she transitioned into roof sales in 2010, averaging $160,000 in residential sales per month and developing her unique supplementing method throughout the process. She and her former partner ran a local roofing company in St. Louis before Becca began creating Roof Sales Mastery, beginning with writing her book, “Diamonds in the Sky: Introduction to Storm Restoration Sales” in 2014, creating a YouTube channel with 1M views and over 11K subscribers, and going on to create six turnkey, repeatable systems and training programs for contractors covering recruiting, sales training, supplementing, and Xactimate training that have become the industry standard for scaling roofing businesses, proven consistently by the incredible results of the thousands of contractors a part of Roof Sales Mastery today. She has been featured in Voyage Magazine, The Art of Supplementing podcast, The Game Changing Roofer podcast, The Roofer Show, and Roofing Insights, among others. 

Hunter Ballew
RoofCON and Cornerstone Construction

Hunter Ballew is a serial entrepreneur with reach into multiple industries including construction, app design, personal development through retreats, consulting, events and public speaking with a proven track record for founding and leading companies to success. At this point Hunter has coached thousands of entrepreneurs & been involved with companies doing hundreds of millions of dollars. A few that Hunter has founded include Cornerstone Construction, BOLD Brotherhood, Zurvos, and RoofCON. 

In 2019 Hunter identified the true market need and decided to build an app that would connect users to gyms, personal trainers & other dedicated gym goers looking to improve from around the world so that no matter the time or place you can work on improving your mind & body. The app is set to launch in 2020 and is going to be a welcomed disruption to the fitness industry. Hunter has been featured and quoted in numerous business articles published in TIME, Forbes, TODAY, and

Jim Johnson
Contractor Coach Pro

Jim Johnson, the Head Coach, at ContractorCoachPRO has been involved in contracting for the last 22 years. Whether it was as a contractor doing revenue of $20-$40MM+ per year, designing processes and directing sales for Acculynx the top software for contractors, or now, coaching and training over 700+ contractors with ContractorCoachPRO, Jim has a passion for helping contractors succeed.

Jim is also the Vice President of the Board for The Catalyst Group, a vendor organization formed for the sole purpose to help contractors “Do IT Right” and a board member of the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas.

As a leader in his industry Jim speaks often at conferences focused on education for contractors. He has been the Keynote Speaker for the Best of Success Conference, Storm Restoration Contractor Summit, and over 20 other industry conferences.

John Dye
Art of the Supplement & American Contractor Show

John Dye is a foremost expert in the restoration claim process and administration field.

Born into a contractor family, he has a unique perspective of the insurance restoration industry. He is a pioneer in the third party claims administration industry, having worked with roofing customers for over 10 years. John also served as an independent adjuster and is the founder of Art of the Supplement, the premier supplement training program, which has been acquired by Balance Claims.

He currently serves at Balance Claims as their director of Marketing as well as a member of the ownership group.
He is also the host of the American Contractor Show.

Pate Smith
McClenny, Moseley & Associates, PLLC

Pate Smith was born and raised in Ozark, Alabama, a place where hometown values and relationships are at the heart of the community. Pate has thrived on building relationships and helping others his entire life and feels those connections give him a purpose within himself.

After graduating high school, Pate finished his secondary education by graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in Political Science. He felt going to law school was a natural path to better understanding businesses and would also provide an opportunity for him to help others in some way. As a result, Pate earned his Juris Doctorate from Birmingham School of Law. During his last year of law school, he had a realization that he could help individuals through professional development coaching. There, he started Positive Change USA and traveled speaking at various events and coaching businesses and professionals alike.

While growing his business, Pate was approached with an opportunity to work with a young public adjusting firm. He began doing work as a part-time business development liaison and learning the ins and outs of the insurance industry. He quickly found success and was promoted to National Business Development Director. He also became a licensed public adjuster. After his promotion, Pate began attending industry conferences, networking with leaders and influential individuals to further connect and understand the industry. Pate had found his sweet spot between helping individuals overcome challenges with their claims, while at the same time educating and empowering people within the industry to better themselves and their businesses.

Pate loves the opportunity to reach diverse groups of people and provide ideas that can improve their outcomes in both business and insurance claim dispute resolution. Pate has brought his expertise to McClenney, Moseley, and Associates, a firm that has a family atmosphere but also shows a constant pursuit for top industry talent. In Pate’s downtime, he loves spending time with his twin daughters, watching Alabama football, off-shore fishing and barbecuing and grilling for family and friends.

Randy Brothers
The Start Build Grow Show

Growing up in a modest home where his parents often worked multiple jobs to support him and his sisters, Randy learned the importance of family and the value of hard work at an early age. Aside from a few childhood businesses, he became an entrepreneur while studying business at The University of Northern Colorado.

After making just about every mistake in the book, Randy learned some valuable lessons in life and business. With a renewed focus on faith, family, and a commitment to process and people, he built one of the top roofing companies in the country. Elite Roofing has experienced over 150% growth in the past 3 years and has been listed on the inc 5000 list for fastest growing private companies 3 years in a row.

Randy has successfully built a roofing company that can run on its own which has allowed him to focus on helping other contractors achieve these same results. After writing the best selling book Start It, Build It, Grow It: The Contractors Guide to Success, he created The Roofing Academy, a fully interactive virtual training and coaching platform designed to help contractors work on their businesses and not in them. He believes that true success comes while helping others succeed.

Randy currently resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife Christina and their two kids Ryder and Mila. When Randy is not traveling or spending time with his family, he enjoys golf, Football, racing, and snowboarding.

Ryan Groth
Sales Transformation Group

Ryan Groth, Founder of Sales Transformation Group, Inc. is a family man, former professional baseball player, and sales trainer helping the construction industry move from reactive to proactive and build winning sales teams. Growing up with his mom and stepdad’s custom home building company, Ryan saw the highs and lows of a family business. After he played baseball and transitioned to his career, he connected with an innovative commercial roofing contractor who wanted to sell a sales management CRM program. After Ryan implemented the system, he found that his passion for coaching and training the people using the system was the key to helping create results. His coaching skills took off and that’s how Sales Transformation Group, Inc. was birthed. His high energy and authentic approach has helped him partner with hundreds of teams in creating high performing sales producers. 

Panelists & Breakout Session Speakers

Paul Reed

Paul Reed is a proven business leader with more than 25 years of experience in the roofing industry. He has extensive expertise in a wide variety of roofing applications and systems, as well as project management, commercial development and sales. He joined North-West Roofing in 2013, and primarily is responsible for the company’s Commercial Roofing Division.

Extensive experience in roofing application and roofing systems as well as expert skill with production management, commercial development, leadership development and Sales. Paul has been in the Restoration industry for 25 years building companies from ground up to over 60 Million. The drive and dedication to this industry comes from a long road of failures during his struggle with addiction, now sober 11 years, Paul found his “Why” and has dedicated his success to his children and grandchildren.
The main focus of his success in this industry is his dedication to helping others understands how to build and succeed in sales, marketing, project development, personal development and winning at life. Paul Reed was the 2017 Winner of the “Most Influential” award in the Restoration Industry.
Northwest Roofing is very involved in many local community outreach projects because giving back is what keeps his drive alive.
Through hard work, experience, dedication and giving back, Paul has been able to bring Northwest Roofing to the TOP…. NORTHWEST ROOFING IS PROUDLY ONE OF THE TOP 50 CONTRACTORS IN THE NATION

Matt Danskin

Matt Danskin is the trainer and creator of Restoration Referral System; which teaches restoration contractors how to consistently develop productive referral relationships with insurance agents. Driven by his passion for learning and continuous improvement, he prides himself in providing personal and accessible skills training.

Jonathan Sherwood

Jonathan Sherwood is a seasoned business entrepreneur and professional commercial roofing contractor who has been in the roofing industry for over a decade. To date, Jonathan is responsible for providing full service repair and replacement services to over 5,000 roofs in a variety of locations throughout the United States for both commercial and residential property owners. These properties have a combined total amount exceeding $70 million. He has extensive experience in commercial low sloped roofs, SPF & Fluid applications, and also specializes in serving multi-family apartments as well as builders of new construction. In addition to his vast experience, Jonathan is certified with a number of accreditation’s. Jonathan’s customer service oriented and results driven experience along with his passion for helping people have led him to become a favorite with his customers, who value his straight forward approach and the fact that he always puts their needs first. His absolute bottom line goal is to always maintain, if not increase every customer’s property value.

Joseph Hughes

Joseph is the marketing director of Contractor Dynamics, the roofing industry's only marketing training company. Joseph and his team help roofing companies install brand-building and customer-generating social marketing systems in their businesses, so they can grow predictably, achieve their goals, and build amazing lives for themselves, their team, and their communities.

Dr. Nico Stringfellow

Dr. Nico Stringfellow has been in the Insurance Restoration industry for over 10 years, starting as a Sales Representative for a roofing company. Over the last decade, Nico has worked in many different capacities within the industry, including Claims Consulting, Supplementation, Business Consulting, and ultimately, the Founder and President of Eagle Eye Adjusters, Inc. Nico is passionate about assisting property owners in handling their claims, and assisting contractors in navigating the process. Nico has been extremely active in consulting many contractors in the growth and operations of their businesses, and continues to be an open ear to many people in the industry. Being a lifelong learner and a consistent source of assistance to those that need it are two of the reasons that people look to Nico for help. He is always telling others that he is a "text message away," as getting him on the phone can be, in his words, "a miracle".

Phillip Sanov

Phil Sanov can help you set claims up for quick success in the Insurance Restoration Industry. Phil’s trial experience includes multi-million-dollar policyholder victory verdicts in hailstorm, windstorm, and fire claims. Phil’s reputation as an attorney getting millions for policyholders leads insurance carriers to pay policy limits -- and more -- long before claims get to trial. This helps policyholders and those serving them get the money they deserve without suffering the time and uncertainty getting jury verdicts.
Phil’s proven track record tells insurance carriers we know how to win at trial and will go the distance for our clients to get all they deserve.
The National Trial Lawyers Association now honors Phil as both a Top 10 Bad Faith Insurance Trial Lawyer and Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial lawyer.
Phil’s personal experience surviving Hurricane Harvey combines with his long-term triumphs helping first party policyholders to make him an even more formidable lawyer representing policyholders. Focusing on First Party Property Damage Insurance Claims for over a decade, Phil knows how to work claims the right way to get the right results. In the last several years alone, Phil has secured over $50,000,000 in policyholder victory verdicts and settlements.

Phil enjoys speaking to large and small groups bringing more leadership, persuasion, and personal growth skills to the Insurance Restoration Industry. Phil looks forward to helping you. When not helping policyholders and those serving them, Phil spends most of his time studying personal development and providing motivational content to others. Phil also enjoys running events and spending time with his wonderful wife Tiffany.

Eric Oberembt

Hi, I'm Eric Oberembt. President and Owner of D&M Roofing and Siding. I've been in the industry since I was 10 years old helping my grandfather who started our company in 1965. I have an extensive background in low slope commercial roofing. I love helping and educating property owners and property managers in how to navigate insurance claims and find the necessary damage to help them get roofs replaced for minimal out of pocket. At D&M Roofing we are employee driven and work tirelessly to up-level our people so they will be able to go above and beyond to help you with your needs. I am a proud Board Advisor of the American Policyholder Association, helping to fight insurance fraud at all levels. 

Chuck Thokey

What do sales organizations need most to successfully navigate change, stay relevant, and compete in today’s often crowded sales arena? Systems. Processes. Leadership. Increased closing ratios. Cohesive sales teams, and a path to realize big goals.
That’s where Chuck Thokey comes in. He works with companies all over the United States to take what can feel like an overwhelming menu of change and break it down into easily implemented strategies and systems that allow them to effectively bypass sales stalls and status quo to dramatically increase their market share and growth opportunities.

His job is to help you to transform your organization in such a way that your leadership and sales teams have a clear and well-defined path to not just hit target goals but exceed them with less stress and more efficiency
Chuck has 16 years experience managing many very large sales teams in the home improvement industry making them extremely successful. He is now widely known as one of the industries leading Sales Leadership and Training Coaches
If you’re eager to learn how he has helped companies sustainably move from a 20% close ratio to over 65%, contact us now. We’ve got the tools, training, and systems you need to take your sales business to the next level.

Dale Childress Jr.

Dale Childress Jr. is author of The Objection Blueprint, Roof Sales Survival Guide, Above Top Secret, The 21 Second Roof Pitch & creator of Master Closer Academy online.

Mr. Childress is an international roof sales trainer & president of Master Closer LLC.

Doug Quinn

APA Executive Director Doug Quinn is a Marine Corps veteran who was living a comfortable life as an investment advisor on the Jersey Shore until he lost his home in Superstorm Sandy. Although he had the maximum legal amount of flood coverage, Doug’s Insurance Company only offered him 37 cents on the dollar. In the process of fighting this injustice, Doug found out that many of his friends & neighbors were also being shortchanged. His eyes were opened to rampant fraud perpetrated against the American insurance consumer by some unscrupulous actors who seek to profit from their hardship.

Doug has fought FEMA, his insurance carrier, & the bureaucracy of a disaster recovery gone wrong for 7 grueling years.
Due to his activism on behalf of consumers, Doug was asked to take the helm as the Executive Director of the American Policyholder Association, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect American insurance consumers from fraud perpetrated by insurance company employees as well as the engineering and adjusting firms they hire. Coming from a financial background, Doug believes strongly in the important role insurance plays as a risk management tool and is committed to eliminating any elements of fraud that keep it from working properly for American families.

Doug volunteers his time collecting & delivering donated supplies to disaster zones across America, rescuing animals, distributing hot food & winter clothing to the homeless, & mentoring children in his community as a Lacrosse coach.

Doug values the opportunity to build the American Policyholder Association into a powerful force for change in the industry that will effectively stand up for those who cannot defend themselves.

Logan Graff

Logan Graff became Crest Exteriors Vice President in April of 2017 due to his impressive mark he made on the company when he joined the team as project manager in 2016.
Logan brings years of invaluable experience in a lot of different areas as in: accounts receivable, team building, sales management and training techniques. Logan is best known for his positive mentality he brings with him every day to our staff, customers and other business associates. Additionally, Logan spear heads all aspects of Crest's sales initiatives and recurrent training. This includes, but is not limited to annual sales goals, growth and retention strategies, operational training efficiencies, and sales team recruitment.
Logan organized our Crest team in August 2017 to dispatch to South Texas to help after Hurricane Harvey hit, a category 4 hurricane causing catastrophic flooding and damage. Crest Exteriors helped over 600 customers including both residential and commercial who were affected by Harvey.
Logan has a motivational approach to working with others and has an ability to challenge his team to the best of their abilities. His professional philosophy is do it right the first time and everyone will be happy. He takes pride in making sure that our customer’s experience is top notch. Logan is active in his community of Prosper, TX and loves spending time with his wife and two beautiful children.

Sam Struthers

Sam Struthers is founder and CEO of Texas-based Crest Exteriors LLC. He founded the company in August of 2015 and established its headquarters in Plano, Texas.
A graduate of Texas Tech University located in Lubbock, Texas Sam holds a degree in accounting; Struthers career endeavors would take him from humble beginnings and success as an insurance adjustor to his current post heading up one of the fastest growing roofing companies in the U.S.
Struthers likes to inspire his team of commercial and residential roofing experts with the story of his start! It was a side job to replace wood shingles on a few wind-damaged roofs. And with a small shingle bundle, freshly minted business cards and no contracts signed, what began as a side job quickly lead to a fully damaged roof. Thanks to his 10 plus years as an insurance adjustor, this was a natural evolution for Sam, as he knew how to get the job done and all the requirements to do so. These were the early beginnings of a vision that is now Crest Exteriors, LLC.
Fast forward to today and Struthers is successfully expanding his business with a strategic approach that is “Integrity Before Profit”. Crest Exteriors offers full general contracting services with a specialization in roofing and storm restoration. Sam has a laser focus on the company culture he has created and trademarked. The Crest culture is simply referred to as #CrestHustle. Sam embodies this thought process and only leads by example. He believes his Crest family is an extension of his own.
With offices in Atlanta, Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, Tyler and Victoria, Struthers is pleased with the company direction and culture he is leading.

Jeremy Gilstrap

Bio to come.

Scott Riopelle

Scott Riopelle is the Owner and CEO of Interstate Roofing. Interstate Roofing has been open for business for over 25 years providing quality roofing services to residential and commercial properties throughout the nation. Scott has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Scott brings his vision of success to Interstate Roofing and the industry by continuously pursuing education and training. This has resulted in Interstate Roofing being rated as a top roofing company in Colorado and in the US.
Scott broke the mold in the roofing industry, he started out as a door knocker and chasing hail to becoming an entrepreneur as a successful roofing contractor. He believes that you get work by going out and getting it not by waiting for work to come to you. He has mentored and helped some of the top competitors in the country become successful.

Interstate Roofing is a proud member of the BBB with an A+rating since May of 2000. Interstate Roofing is a part of the Colorado Roofers Association and National Roofing Association. Scott is also on the Board for the Western States Roofing Contractors Association. Interstate Roofing is rated in the highest tier with manufacturers such as Owens Corning, Versico, Boral Steel GAF and CertainTeed. Scott values all his staff and feels that it is essential to dedicate time to build and foster relationships and team building. Interstate Roofing is a second chance company. Scott hires employees that may need an opportunity to change their life. Interstate Roofing focuses on the future.

Scott knows that the community is a core value. That is why Interstate Roofing is a huge community contributor, including by providing a roof each year to someone in need through the Roofs in Need Program and providing turkeys throughout local communities during Thanksgiving. Scott also volunteers with his family along with the Interstate Roofing family on Christmas Day to help feed the unhoused population and donating gifts to children in need.
Scott was born in Detroit, Michigan. He lives in Denver, Colorado. He spends his quality time with his three beautiful children. He loves sports, enjoying his time outdoors and doing activities with his work family from Interstate Roofing.

Dashaun Bryant

My name is Dashaun Bryant i am a Door to Door Sales Coach and Trainer with 5 plus years of experience in the Storm Restoration Industry. I use my skills to help Door to Door salesmen maximize their potential, by teaching them how to Hustle with Principles, maintaining a positive attitude and getting their mind right so they can get their grind right. I travel around the country helping other Roofing Companies revamp their sales team and gain clarity on their vision. As a stay at home dad ive been able to be present for all my kids milestones, while still selling a million plus in revenue year in and year out. My family is the fuel that keeps me on fire and the love for teaching other salesmen how to dominate the industry with my free videos on youtube. And as always Hustle Hard Hustle Smart and Dont be afraid to Bogard.

Graham Dessert

Graham grew up in a large military family of 10 children. His father retired in Kansas City area where he founded Roofing101 in 2008. Graham started his first business when he was 20 years old and learned the lessons of growing/scaling a company by the age of 25. His first experience was taking a division from 6 employees to 150 within 6 months.

Now Graham is the Chief Visionary Officer at Roofing101 that went from 2 locations to 12 in the last 2 years with plans to operate across the country and internationally. Graham works on future oriented projects and leaves the operations of the company up to the executive and management teams.

He is married for 16 years, has 5 children, a grandchild on the way, and resides in Carlsbad CA. 

Chad Hedrick

Chad Hedrick brings a different spin to the commercial roofing industry.
20 yrs as an owner/operator of a Commercial Fluid Applied Roofing Systems company & being hands-on with installing virtually every roof (2 mil + sq ft) his company has ever installed has given him experience that few owners have.

Chad started his career in the roofing industry in 1999 as a Civil Engineer spec’ing Fluid Applied Systems for ADA accessible courthouse elevator installs. He needed a system that was easily tied in to a multitude of existing systems and one that could last for many years.

Later he started his Roofing company in 2000 when he saw a specific opportunity for waterproofing existing metal buildings. At the young age of 24 he dove in head first into Fluid Applied’s and has continued to grow within that industry.

In 2003 he saw the need to increase production with small coating crews and started tinkering with installation equipment to make the job easier. Fast forward to 2018 and the Patent Pending Roof Rabbit was introduced to the coatings industry and has changed the way Fluid Applied systems are being installed

Chad currently spends most of his time traveling across the country mentoring & training contractors on how to get started or how to scale existing companies all within the “niche” of the Commercial Fluid Applied Industry, all while still operating his commercial Fluid Applied Roofing Systems business in Southern Iowa.

Danny Kerr

Danny comes from modest roots and struggled as a dyslexic student through school. This fuelled his desire to push boundaries and prove what was possible, creating his own success in life. In his late teens, Danny started his own trades business and used the profits to buy his first home.
By age 20, he had taken a leadership position with a franchise company and grew sales by 225% in one year. He then spent the next 6 years scaling businesses before co-founding Breakthrough Academy as a way to open horizons for other trades entrepreneurs.
Breakthrough Academy now works with over 300 contractors across the continent, managing over $800 million worth of revenue, and was rated Canada’s 16th fastest start-up by MacLean’s magazine in 2018.

Dustan Beiglar

Dustan Biegler is a founder and CEO of Apple Roofing LLC, one of the largest most influential residential roofing companies in the US. Originating out of the midwest, he has led the company to be one of the most branded, progressive, and steady roofing companies in the US.
His focus Includes:
● The Company Mission
● Future opportunities
● Financial stability
● Being a steward of the brand
● Recruiting strategies
● Overall strategy and systems
He has dedicated his career to Roofing, but if you ask him he is more in the business of improvement. Improving people, process, and perception.
He also co-hosts the ‘Core Concepts’ podcast along with his business partner Marcus Kuhlmann. Dedicated to helping, and inspiring other entrepreneurs.
He also volunteers a lot of time to other large construction and remodeling companies across the US.
In addition to his duties at Apple Roofing, Dustan spends much of his time on his own improvement, through research, reading, and speaking with others both within and outside the construction industry.

Matt Grassmyer

Matt Grassmyer, Director of Operations for Hail Trace, is from Tulsa Oklahoma. He moved to Edmond in 2002 and fell in love with central OK. Matt has been a part of the Hail Trace team since 2016. As an expert in leadership, communication, and customer experience, Matt excels at helping clients and employees maximize their success. While most of his off time is spent with his amazing wife, Caitlin, his son Trafford, and his newborn daughter Hollan. Matt is also an avid runner with two marathons already in the books.

TJ Ware

TJ works nationwide as a public adjuster focusing on commercial and municipal large-loss claims. After retiring from the Marine Corps, TJ studied commercial aviation and worked in aviation logistics. Later, as both an electrical and roofing/general contractor TJ managed projects throughout Texas and the southwestern United States. An in-depth knowledge of construction, solar power and building systems helps TJ better serve his clients in the commercial space. TJ is passionate about meeting people and building networks of honest and knowledgeable professionals in various industries. He has led Paradise Claims from its inception and the firm has experienced considerable growth and expansion throughout much of the country. TJ prides himself on being a good communicator and always being approachable and accessible, so feel free to reach out to him in person, via phone or email.