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Jeremy Jackson
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Our team is on a mission to help men around the world improve in Mind, Body & Legacy.

We accomplish this by bringing purpose driven men together through Live Events, Retreats & our Mastermind, BOLD+.

BOLD is NOT for everyone.  We only take men who are willing to stretch their mind, push their body & grow their legacy so they can truly make an impact on this world. 

Together, we push each other to develop as leaders & better serve our families, workplace & community. 

Join us as we reach one million men!

Each of these pictures is a story in itself but the bottom right picture is one you need to hear.

The bottom right tells a story of a man who gave up.  A man who had all the knowledge he needed to be successful.  A man that was blessed with technical skills that helped him excel in the work force.  A man with a family & life ahead of them.

Even with all of that.  What it really tells... 
Is the story of a man who gave up.  

Life got tough.  Excuses trumped grit.  

It's the story of my father.  A man I love & would do anything to help.  But, as I've learned, painfully, over the years you can't help a man who won't help himself.

I've heard countless time that my success came from daddy's money.  This image in the bottom right, an old boathouse in the woods of South Carolina with no water or power, shows that you don't need "daddy's money" to have success in life.  

You need grit.

From a young age I knew that opportunity was abundant & I was able to control my income if I had the work ethic.  At 6 I was catching lizards & trying to sell them on a dead end road.  When I was 8 I started digging through old dumps in the mountains of SC to take antiques to the Flea Market.  Through Middle School I hustled candy from my book bag.  

Then life got a bit more tough, for me.  Before diving in I want to be clear that life's all about perspective.  My "tough" may be your "easy" or another man's "devastation."  By no means am I complaining.  I'm thankful for my trials as it's made me the man I am today.  I truly believe life happens FOR you & not TO you.

At the end of middle school my family life took a turn from unhealthy household but all living together to everyone going separate ways.  My parents were both unemployed and turned to a life that didn't involve us.  I went to one grandparents' house & my two younger brothers went to another.  From here,  I was a decent but stubborn teen who was ready to finish school & create a life for myself. 

TRHS Class of 2009: 189 out of 212

Yep, #189.  I finished ahead of only 23 kids in my class.   I graduated thanks to the grace of my 12th Grade English teach, Mrs. Looper.  All I cared about was graduating & joining the Marine Corp.  

I did.  September 11th, 2009 rolled around & I graduated from Parris Island as a United States Marine 8 years to the day that made me decide to join the Marine Corps, 9/11/01.  I then moved further into public service where I spend 5 years as a Full Time Firefighter & EMT.  

As most of you know life as a public servant doesn't come with much income.  At just over 30k in salary I spend my days off working on side businesses where I made more than my full time job.  

This quickly turned into a passion.  I realized that money is not just some material thing I can put in the bank account.  It's a tool I can use to serve others.  In December 2015 I made my jump from the "safety" of my full time job at the Fire Department & went full time as an entrepreneur.

My Chief said, "Are you sure you know what you are doing?"  Another friends said, "You'll be back at a regular job within a year."  As if I needed any extra motivation.

I dove deep into brand, marketing, relationships & leadership from the start.  Within a couple years I had multiple businesses creating over 5 Million in revenue annually.  Beyond this & what I'm most proud of.  I was able to build one of the best teams around & help dozens of other entrepreneurs build their dream life.  

I've helped people go from zero to their first 10k month & I've been there to help established companies add millions in revenue in less than 12 months. 

When I left the Fire Department I questioned if I would be as fulfilled as I was when I was helping a patient on a wreck.  I can confirm.  Helping entrepreneurs reach their goals fills my heart just as much or more.  I'm here to help.  Always.  Just reach out. 


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