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Hundreds attended. Billions in revenue collectively

ONLY For Qualified Individuals:

1. Business Owner
2. Over $1Million in Revenue
3. Funds to invest in tools & training 

"We 3Xd our company within 
18 months."

- Dylan Mullins

"Life-changing experience."

- Jack Ryan

"The business has gone from $7M/year to we are already over $22M this year in October."

- Brookens Brothers

"For them to hold us was a big eye opener to me."

- JP Wilson

"This was the most impactful event I've ever been to. I leave more inspired than I've ever been."

- Ian Frisch

"We've had an amazing weekend with guys that are walking the same path as we are in life."

- Jesse Rittenhouse


May 16-19, 2024

Gatlinburg, TN

Limited to 30 Women Who Lead!

What to Come To a Retreat?!
We have some stipulations...

  • Attend entire event
  • Participate in every activity
  • ​Ask for refund before 9pm on last night

Don't Just Take Our Word For It.
Hear It Straight From Past Attendees.

"Coming here today...they teach you how to build habits."

- Jason Kam

"If you are questioning a Revolt Retreat you have to come down. It's life-changing."

- Taylor Ammons

"I wasn't expecting the personal growth. It was pretty hard hitting."

- Jeff Evans

"We went from One Million to Four Million and we're set to scale to 
$8M next year."

- Bob Hoel

"Revolt relights the fire."

- Kyle Evenhouse

"Two Million to Four Million in 
one year."

- Rick Hancock

Together, We Revolt Against Average.

We won't accept...

  • Ego
  • Excuses 
  • Half Ass Participation
  • ​People who take more than they give
  • ​Staying comfortable

We will push you to...

  • Go all in
  • ​Establish your legacy
  • ​Improve your health
  • ​Rekindle relationships
  • ​Grow your business

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"Revolt Wins"

Our Members Generate Hundreds of Millions In Revenue Every Single Year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your history around this niche?
Hunter Ballew joined the US Marine Corps out of high school and went on to work full-time as a Firefighter/EMT for 5 years. Throughout his career in the military & fire service he knew that the income created from those sources wouldn't satisfy his desire to be a millionaire by 30. Hunter stepped away from the FD in December of 2015 to chase his entrepreneurial dreams. He started off flipping cars, boats and trailers then opened an antique store and eventually started a a marketing agency that led him to founding his construction company, Cornerstone, in 2017. 

After just under 4 years of growing the team and building to 8 figures Hunter sold Cornerstone to a public company for $48M in March of 2021. If it weren't for the marketing, systems, processes, recruiting funnels, and more, this exit would not have been possible at this multiple. Hunter used modern online marketing, branding, and good ol fashioned door knocking sales teams to generate leads and close new business. One of the most important, yet unknown, keys to building your valuation is finding the right buyer! 

In this process, Hunter also launched RoofCON, one of the roofing industries top conferences with thousands of attendees and hundreds of vendors. He acquired and launch the Partner Program to help companies across the US. Hunter is a partner in RepCard, an app for sales reps & business owners, that has over 75k users. Along the journey Hunter wanted to create a place for other business owners of high integrity to come together and focus on developing as leaders and securing a legacy they are proud of. Revolt was born. Since 2019 Hunter has hosted over 50 retreats, conferences, etc with thousands of business owners. It won't take much digging to see the impact Revolt has made on the lives of so many. 
What problems do most of your attendees have?
One of the most common quotes we preach is that "Businesses don't have problems, people have problems." You can almost always find the core of a business's problem in its leadership. That can show up in a variety of ways. Sure, we can help you dial in your sales process, increase leads, build your operating system, recruit top talent and so on. But, usually the problem is within. A lack of self-worth or belief that you are good enough to lead the charge. It's not always the case but it is many times. We're here to help you push through the head trash. 

At Revolt it's not a one man show. You don't just get some coach. You get a community. You get a family. A family that is here to support you in business and more importantly, in life. When you are struggling in your marriage, parenting, leadership and so on. 

What is the BIGGEST MISTAKE you see business owners making right now? 
Trying to do it alone. Without the support of others who have already done it before. You've heard the saying, "there are no shortcuts." Well, we don't believe that. If there are people who are where you want to be... why wouldn't you take their advice as a shortcut? If you could ask Michael Jordan how to shoot or Tom Brady how to throw you would be a fool not to. So, why not learn from other owners who have built to 8 figures and beyond? 
What makes you better than your competitors?
First, I'd say that each group has it's own value and benefits. We don't pretend to be better than anyone but we believe we do it as good as anyone in the game. As mentioned above you don't just get a coach with this group. You get a family. Access to a community of high integrity, legacy focused leaders sharing best practices and strategies to scale their businesses and reach their fullest potential. Nobody does it like we do. We are family. 

You would be hard pressed to find another group who cares as much about the success of our members as we do. That is what makes us different. 

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